Thursday, April 14, 2011

I'm Back... Hopefully To Stay.

So, it's been a while... yes, I know.  I'm trying to fix that. I at least firgured out the main reason why I want to blog more consistently... that's progress, right?  I journal, and I don't think I will ever stop journaling.  But, the one thing that I don't like about journaling... no pictures, and you know... I LOVE pictures.  So, I consequently LOVE the idea of documenting our life... our wonderful, joy-filled life... in a way that I could easily print and have the narrating pics included!  SO much easier than scrapbooking... plus I type way faster than I can write... plus I think I am getting arthritis... but let's not go there... I'll cry.

So, I am beginning a brief summary of the past few months... although I have been shamefully terrible at taking pictures of every day life kinda stuff.  Ok, so I have been shamefully terrible at taking pictures of even the not so every day life kinda stuff.  It's bad, I know... I'm a photographer... it's like a sin.  SO... as I'm filling you in, there won't always be many pics to go along, but I'll get better about that.  Pinky swear.

If you know my man and I, you know our roles are slightly reversed when it comes to planning, organization, etc.  Most of the time the female in the relationship is more of the social organizer/planner of the family... not so with us.  Which, I've decided is completely fine by me.  What I don't like to admit, is that he also remembers said plans better than I do once they've come and gone.  So, when I decided to start blogging again I felt stuck... I didn't really feel like there was much to blog about.  I went to the hubs, tail between my legs, and informed him of my writers block.  He then embarrassed me with the amount of events he was able to pull right of the top of his head... including, but not limited to ohhh, his 30th surprise birthday trip that I had secretly planned for the entire year before.  Wow Linds, could have at least remembered that one.  So, thanks to my living calendar, I have post ideas :)  And, a couple pics to go along with them... and unfortunately, when I say a couple, I mean like... 2 ;)

So, while you may not care at all, I'm extremely excited about my decision to document our crazy, but amazing, fun and fulfilling life here on this humble blog!  I look forward to telling you all about the previously mentioned birthday trip tomorrow! 

ps.  I can't guarantee these posts will necessarily be in chronological order... most likely, they will be sporadic... resembling my thoughts :)

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