Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Been a While

Hey... sorry I haven't blogged in a while... feels like the time just slips away from me!

We have been super busy lately! I will just hit on the high points.

God is so good. We have been so blessed already in our involvement at North Point and Inside Out (the highschool ministry). We have met so many new freinds, a few that already seem like the kind that will end up being life-long! So amazing! The kids... the kids are amazing! I can't believe how much highschool kids have to go through these days... it seems like families are just getting worse and worse... parenting is just going further and further in the wrong direction. Even Believers! However, these kids are already so strong in their faith! It's amazing how they turn to Christ for everything. They have a HUGE desire to live for Him. It's incredible! It's so refreshing to be around!

We got to visit our friends in Baton Rouge, P-Nut and Amy. So FUN! We haven't seen them in a long time, and P-Nut is one of Chris' close friends from college, so it was great to re-connect.

P-Nut is in Pharmacutical (sp?) sales, and one of his Dr. clients was out of town for the weekend of the 4th, so we got to house-sit for them. Awesome house! Great backyard, the kind you see in magazines! Perfect landscaping, awesome pool, trampoline, hammock, BBQ pit, outdoor furniture and more! It was beautiful! Can I just say Louisianna is HOT... Oh my goodness! I mean... I have never felt anything like it, and I have been many warm places! I spent 3 summers in Panama City Beach you would think I could handle a little humid heat.... PCB has NOTHIN on BR... NOTHIN. It was CRAZY. It felt like you couldn't breath. You were instantly wet when you walked outside... and you felt like you just got hit in the stomach... the breath just goes right out of you. Ugh.

We had great conversation, fellowship, alot of laughing, and rummikub playing :) It was a great time, can't wait to get together with them again!

On our way to Baton Rouge we stopped in Birmingham for the night to visit all our Alabama friends! It was AMAZING to see everyone there! We saw one of my best friends Kelly and her husband Jonathan who expecting! So fun to get to see her 15 week bump!! Lee and Joy Knight (another best friend of mine, and discipleship leader in college) hosted a cookout for us. They opened their home and made some awesome food! It was great to see their family! They have a girl and a boy, and they are just too cute! I haven't gotten to see them very much, so I was glad they were there! Woody and Nikki Armstrong and their little girl Charis were there. Charis is precious, JUST like Woody, looks, temperament and all! Then Stacey and her husband Bard were there! We were the only couples without kids or one on the way, lol! SO good to see her! Then my love Katy Watters was there as well... miss her like crazy. Anyway, it was a great get together, and one I hope we can reproduce more often!

Work has been crazy... but today was better... I finally feel like we are somewhat caught up! Whew!

OUR DVR CAME TODAY!!!!!!!! I am SO pumped about this! I have been begging for one for so long now! It's not that Chris was opposed to it... it's just that, you know how he is about money, and we just kept forgetting too. The biggest reason I want one is so that we can limit our TV watching. I just feel like we have gotten in a bad routine of coming home, eating dinner, and then planting ourselves in front of the TV until our fav shows come on. The ones we like to watch are at like 9:00!!! I would like to be in BED around then ;) So, we end up staying up too late, and watching TV WAY too much. I also have trouble turning off my brain at night.. and watching lots of late night TV doesn't help at all! SO, now we can record what we want to watch, and designate a night or two watch them rigtht after dinner and that's it! I have a feeling this will open up some time for many other things we have been wanting to do as well... not to mention good ole' fashion conversation, maybe a card game or two ;)

Last but not least... if you know me... you know I have been going on and on about the Makers Diet for over 2 years now. Well... I am officially starting it (for REAL this time) next week. We are trying to eat up all the groceries we have now so we can start fresh this weekend. Chris is doing it with me which is huge... I will need him on board big time! I just feel more and more like I need to trust the Lord completely with my health. I want to say that I at least gave it a shot. For those of you that don't know about the Maker's Diet, you can look it up online to get a full description, but I will summarize it now. It is going back to the basics with food... back to the Word. Basically, it's written in the Bible how we are to eat. What we have done with food over the centuries is disgusting. We have taken food from it's natural form, and added preservatives, hormones, pesticides, herbicides, anitbiotics, food coloring, and much more. These chemicals were obviously never intended to enter our human bodies. Research shows that these types of things have been linked to just about every disease there is out there. The author of the book, Jordin Rubin, had a deadly case of Crohn's disease... notice I used past tense. He HAD, not has.. it is completely cured. I myself have Crohn's disease, and have been told by Dr's just like every other Crohn's patient has, that it is incurable, and that I will most likely have to be on medication for the rest of my life. I'm sorry, but no way Jose.. I want to trust the Lord to take care of me. It makes sense that when I follow His Word in other aspects of my life I see Him move, why would I have such little faith for Him to move in the area of my health. I am just about finished with the book, and am SO excited about it. I would recommend anyone to read it... I am sure you will be convinced it could help you too. It isn't just for the diseased... I believe ANYONE's health could be improved by adopting these principles. Dr. Rubin's Grandmother was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 6 months to live.. she is now cancer free thanks in large part to the Maker's Diet!!! Visit the website and take a look for yourself... or you can borrow my book when I'm finished.. I would be happy to loan it to yoU!

Say a prayer for me if you think about it. It's going to be a rough journey considering how much I LOVE food! :)

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