Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Worst Blogger Ever

I know, I know... apparently, I am terrible at this. I promise to try to do better. No excuses, but we really have had so much going on! It's nuts! It's always something! We are so blessed though, everything that we have going on is good! Someone is always getting married, or always having a baby, or a birthday party, or a wedding shower, or a baby shower, or a football party, etc... you get the picture! It's been such a fun year, but exhausting as well. Thankfully, I know have the energy to handle it all!

THE MAKER'S DIET! Praise God, I cannot even explain to you in words how much the Lord has healed me through the Maker's Diet! I am a new woman! I will have to explain to you more in detail, but for now, just know that I am healthy, happy, energetic, did I say happy? Oh, and HEALTHY!!!! ;) Amazed is possibley the best word to describe the way I feel, just utterly amazed. A little faith... and He can move mountains! I will blog about it from start to finish, but Chris has to use the computer now. I just wanted to let you know (whoever cares), that I am back to blogging... I promise! ;)

Life is good... Oh, and I LOVE this time of year... def my fav! Til next time... which will not be months from now :)


  1. Lindsayyyy! I want to hear all about the Makers Diet! It sounds amazing. Glad you are back to blogging:)

  2. Hi Lindsay,

    A friend sent me to your blog because I am in my mid-20s and have Crohn's disease. She said you were following the Maker's Diet. My disease is well controlled on a moderate meds, and I've been (mostly) in remission for several years. Still, it's always good to hear about what other people are doing (and honestly, I don't know anyone with IBD, so I'm all ears!). I do hope you'll blog more about the Maker's Diet and your success with it!