Friday, May 22, 2009

This And That

Ok, so the past couple of days have been pretty uneventful. I did, however, get my hair cut! I had been growing it out ever since Annie & Matt got engaged so I could do something different with it for the wedding. So, now that the wedding is over, it was WAY overdue! I went back to the stacked bob. I had a gift card for the Aveda Salon in Woodstock Salon Vanessa. She did a pretty good job. I may go back and have her make some adjustments though cause I am pretty picky ;)
Last night I went out to eat with 3 of my fav girls! Two of my best friends from highschool and one of my best friends from college, who happens to be sisters with the one from highschool. For those of you who know, Lisa & Leslie Lance, and Angela Pastore. LOVE those girls! So, fun to be around, and we always have a crazy fun time!
Lisa is now the Director of Women's Ministry at North Point, and asked me if I was interested in leading a highschool small group. Of course I am! I was involved in Inside Out (the highschool ministry there) when I was in highschool, and have been thinking and praying about it since we decided for sure we were going to be members at North Point. I am super excited about the opportunity to pour my life into younger girls again! Not only will I be blessed so much from their relationships in my life, but they will teach me as much or more than I will teach them about Gods love and grace. I also definitely feel like the times in my life when I am walking with God the closest is when I am responsible for leading others. I dig into the word so much more agressively. It's so amazing what God can do in your life through that type of studying! I am also really excited because I think it all is just a total answer to prayers! Chris and I have been in sort of a weird place since up until recently we still didn't really know where we wanted to be members. We are in need of community, to feel like we are a part of the body of Christ & not simply existing in it. We both have a need to serve, not to mention it is our calling as believers. So, it was just so perfect the timing of it all. That Lisa got the job there, so I had a connection as far as someone who knew me on the inside of the ministry, and that they would be placing there new students just a week from now! Chris is also talking to the Men's Director about leading a boys group! Which makes me super excited because I feel like that would make Luke feel alot more comfortable about coming with us, and getting involved!
To become a member at North Point you have to have been baptised or be baptised. I was only dedicated as a baby in the Methodist church. This is something I have always felt like I needed to do. I haven't done a ton of studying on it, but all I really need to know is that Christ did it. I want to mimic Him as much as I possibly can in my own life. I also think that since I really didn't come to an understanding of Gods Grace and His reason for sending Christ until I was older, I feel like I need to publicly profess that knowledge! So, looks like I will be getting baptised! I will let you know when it's scheduled, I would love to have friends and family there to support me!
Time FLIES!!!! My nephew Cayden is turning 2 on Monday!!! I can't believe it has been 2 whole years since that bundle of joy entered the world! He has brought a whole new dynamic to our family! I love that little man!! He can make me laugh like no other, and then in another second jerk those tears right out of me when he looks at his little brother & is just the sweetest thing! I never expected when Britni was pregnant with him that I could love him this much! I mean, I knew I would love him... alot... but this is like crazy! It makes me nervous, and excited all at the same time for the love that I will once hold for my own children! God willing we are able to have them. Anyway, they have a fun Elmo birthday party planned for him tomorrow that I can't wait to go to! Not only to see everybody... but the food theme is MEXICAN!!!! ;) I know.... I'm a freak. You would think I would be sick of it after eating leftover Moe's from the wedding all week. Nope... I even had it last night with Les, Lis and Ang! I think it's because my mom craved it when she was pregnant with me.... it's the only explanation I have.

Well, my hubby is back with the chinese! Can I just say that I LOVE that man!!! Not cause he brings me food... had to make that clear ;) I love him because he is amazing! He is so thoughtful, gentle, loving, the best friend I have ever known... not just to me, but to anyone he is friends with. He is just a wonderful man, and has been the stability I needed over the pas 3 years. Can you believe it has been almost 3 years!?!?!? The best of my life!!!


  1. Yay! So you guys ARE going to lead small groups! So excited!! Also, I got baptized at NPCC 2 years ago and it was awesome. So glad you are doing that!!

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  3. YAY!! You definitely have to let us know when you are getting baptized...we want to be there!! We love North Point...such a wonderful church! Bryan had to get baptized when we joined Hebron. He was dedicated/baptized as a baby in the Methodist Church too. I am so so excited for you! Oh and Cay loves you guys so so much! You are the best Aunt and Uncle ever :)