Monday, May 25, 2009

See Ya Memorial Day! :(

I tell you, it's AMAzing what a difference one extra day can do for your weekend! It was a great weekend, and actually felt pretty long! I am not really dreading work tomorrow! I mean, it still isn't particularly exciting... but it doesn't feel terrible to think about.

We had a wonderful 3 days! We had Cayden's b-day party Saturday, then took it easy Saturday night and watched "Taken". We saw it in the Theater, but Chris' brother had it so we borrowed it and it was just as good the second time :) We also finally saw "State of Play" with Russell Crowe and Ben Affleck, great flick! We have been wanting to catch that one for a while now, so we went yesterday afternoon. It always seems like a good idea to not eat anything and just have popcorn for "dinner".... then afterward you feel terrible... not because you are totally stuffed (well that's part of it) but it's not exactly like popcorn - smothered in movie theater butter I might add - has any nutritional value or can even be considered substantial! Won't ever be doing that again.... however, I think I recall saying that last time ;)

Today was a productive one... after a wonderful family brunch at mom's, we came home, bathed the dogs in between the spurts of rain, and then totally cleaned the house. It was needing it big time. So were the dogs. The combo of the two left us with smelly dogs and a smelly house. Not a good combo ;) So, now are dogs are fluffy and clean, and our house smells like linen & sky (thanks to febreeze ;)).

Then we went to the Meadow's and had a nice dinner with Jim, Brenda, & J. Good times! We ate out on the back porch on their new outdoor dining table, so pottery barn! The weather was perfect for it!

Now, we are anxiously awaiting the season premier of Jon & Kate + 8. I am hoping to hear what's ACTUALLY going on and stop having to decide what I do and don't believe from the tabloids.

We'll see I guess!!!

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  1. Love the blog... keep it up! We watched "Taken" on Saturday night also- wow it makes me want to have a bodyguard. :) Love you!