Monday, October 18, 2010


As you may already know, I love to sing.  You also may already know, that Chris loves to sing... but if you've heard him sing... you might wish he didn't love to sing as much as he does ;)  We both love the idea of being the kind of family that sits around in the living room or on the back patio singing worship songs.  I know, it probably sounds corny, but we love that!  What makes singing worship songs even better?  Someone playing the guitar! 
Chris and I both have guitars... that have been locked up in our closet since we've been married.  Sad, I know.  I got my guitar as a high school graduation present from my parents.  I wanted to learn to play SO badly.  So, when I got to West Georgia I started trying to teach myself... with the help of some friends as well.  I learned the basic chords and could even play a few worship songs... along with "Free Falling" - probably the easiest song to play in the history of songs (only 3 chords through the whole thing).  After a while I moved on to other things and never kept up with it.  So, Chris and I have decided to use our Tuesday Date Nights to learn together how to play!  I am SO excited about this!
I have been reading and thinking about how wonderful the tradition of worshipping as a family would be.  To instill a passion for praising God through song in our home.  Obviously, we don't have children yet... but we are thinking, planning, and looking forward to having them within the next couple of years.  Of course the Lord may have other plans, but for now, that is ours.  So, we are starting to think about the kind of parents we want to be... the kind of home we want to have (not brick and mortar home... the environment of home)... and the kind of children we want to raise.  Music is just one of the small things we have been discussing as an important part of the home environment.  I read about a tradition of choosing a life Hymn for each of your children.  A hymn to sing to them from the time they are in the womb.  I would love for Chris and I to have this tradition... a prayer to sing over our children.  We should pray even now for our children, that they would grow to be followers of Christ, ambassadors for the kingdom, true difference makers for their generation.  But that's a different blog, for a different day ;)
So, all that to say... our new venture... learning to play guitar together, so we can grow together, and worship together!


  1. That's awesome! You guys are going to make such beautiful music together. That is such a precious tradition to bring into your home and your {future} children will cherish it their entire lives.

  2. I love this! It's everything that I'd like to do but have never exactly planned out. Absolutely LOVE the idea of a life hyme for future children. So sweet!