Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Time of Year

I absolutely LOVE this season!  There is nothing better than that chill in the air!  So energizing! 

Here are some of my favorite fall things...

The changing leaves... (my sister Annie and her husband Matt pictured)

Pumpkin Spice Latte's from Starbucks... YUM!  I have to limit myself or we would be broke!

                                                      (had to picture the red cup, it's my fav!)
Hoodies... (me with my best friends boy Hudson)

The smell of the grill...

Throwing the tennis ball to the dogs in the back yard... (our pups Chance and Allie)


Anticipating the Holidays!

Cookouts with family and friends... (My side of the fam for Thanksgiving last year)

*New* Annie's pumpkin cookies... Just had them at small group and they were AWESOME!

Cinnamon brooms - I beg for one everytime we walk into Harry's but Chris always says no :(... they smell SO good!

Apple pie candles...

Long-sleeved t-shirts with shorts... I know, weird... it reminds me of walking to fall classes in college :)

There are so many others... just thought I would share a few of my top fav's with you!

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  1. Those pictures are so pretty. I always want the cinnamon broomsticks to. It's really quite an intoxicating smell. On top of it all, I totally used to wear shorts with sweatshirts AND knee socks. Oh yeah. That just happened.